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DMK Leisure are an accredited Testing Company for Inflatable Play Equipment such as Bouncy Castles, Slides, Obstacle Courses etc. under the PIPA Scheme. According to the Health and Safety at work act, BS EN 14960:2006 and EIS7 an Inflatable that is used for play such as a bouncy castle needs to be tested annually by a competent person. H.S.E. have set up and adopted the PIPA scheme as 'best practice' for the industry.  PIPA requires bouncy castles and inflatable slides to be inspected to a recognised standard prior to sale and on an annual basis thereafter to ensure they conform to the relevant standards and are safe to use effectively an 'MOT' for Inflatables.  The scheme is designed to cover Inflatables sold and hired for commercial use and not those inflatable play items sold as toys through retail outlets which are governed by separate legislation.  Importantly, PIPA has the full backing of the Health & Safety Executive (H.S.E.), who have been consulted at every stage of the scheme's development and who have embraced it as a means of eradicating poorly designed or badly worn equipment that can significantly increase the risk of injury to users.  Central to the scheme is a tagging system and certificate.

All of our staff have been trained and examined by the RPII
(Register of Play Inspectors International LTD).

We operate mobile inflatable testing throughout the u.k. hence whether you are in Manchester, Cheshire, Stoke on Trent, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Leeds or even Durham,  DMK Leisure can make sure your inflatable are safe to use.

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DMK Leisure are members of the Register of Play Inspectors International   DMK Leisure are PIPA safety testers for bouncy castles and InflatablesDMK Leisure are members of AimodsAssociation of Inflatable Manufacturers, Operators, Designers and Suppliers);  a professional body within the inflatable industryMade up textiles associationDMK Leisure are members of the federation of small businesses Certified company for the inspecting of children's play equipment
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