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Soft Play Animals and Play Areas
DMK Leisure offer a wide range of soft play manufactured from high quality foam and pvc material. We can create soft play areas to suit most building layouts meeting the clients’ requirements. These are purpose designed with fully padded wall boards and continuous floor sheets to create the ideal soft play area. Other play items such as structures and ball pools can  easily be incorporated into the layouts to create challenging environments. We offer a wide range of colours all of which we keep in stock and offer high quality artwork created by our in house artists.

Soft Play Obstacle CourseSoft Play Area
We design areas with strength and safety in mind providing stimulating play for children of all ages. Provide soft play areas designed to meet the requirements for children with special needs. Full range of soft play animal and soft play shapes available manufactured to the highest standards. Fully padded and art worked floor sheets are available providing safe play areas for young children. These can be designed to fit any area.
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